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 Cappadocia (well-known commonly as the land of beautiful horses) is worth seeing for her unique landscapes and cave style dwellings and shelters which were used to be their homes and business) and fairy chimneys as a result of volcanic europtions and formations.


Cappadoica provides the visitors various types of activities such as hot air ballooning tours , horseback riding tours , bike tours,walking tours through the valleys , and daily excursions to the Ihlara Valley and various undergroung cities with various floors (levels)

Food-drink and Entertainment
Not only eating but also drinking wine is very important in this region , especially traditional home made food and wines are worth for testing.

 After having the diner you should take a walk along side the The River Kızılırmak or watcing the Windows of the pottery and ceramic workshops in the evening time with your family.You can also enjoy yourself sitting at the riverside cafes or pastry shops in the downtown by listening to the turkish folk music as well.
Cultural and social Activities

Anatolia has witnessed varios types of civilizations and festivals which were organised to present their thanksgivings to thier gods and superpower objects for thousands of years.

Fater the conquerof the land by the ottomans these activities have become a different vision by the dervishes�s ceromonies of Mevlana or the ceromonies of Hacı Bektaş Veli together in this area.

In the meanwhile different social activities such as festivals are also a colorful vision for the visitors coming to this area as agood surprise.

- Yeni Sayfa 1